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Project Description

Ascent Filmworks had the opportunity to provide the aerial shots for a short film called “Just in time” (Race against time- WT) We also shot some of the behind the scenes “making of” ground shots with a hand held gimble, https://www.instagram.com/p/B0GTCJdhbV2/ used in this masterclass presentation by Soho Editors post production and training agency.


The project was a joint venture between the London Symphony Orchestra, Guildhall School Of Music and Soho Editors who directed and produced it. The film was primarily commissioned to showcase how the various different  creative processes involved in making a film, shooting, audio, music composing and post editing and editing software, come together in order to produce the final result. In this video we see the acclaimed director John Williams from Soho Editors, presenting a film editing masterclass on the entire process of making this film.

The short film “Just in time” is a 90 second fast paced action sequence following two characters (played by two of the Uk’s top free runners Chase Armitage and Chris Lodge of “3RUN”) racing through over and under urban london scenery on a mission to make their destination in time.

Weather conditions on the day were very challenging for aerial drone work and it was touch and go as to weather we could fly at all due to the strong wind gusts which increased throughout the shoot. Fortunately we got the footage just in time before the weather deteriorated to less than safe flying conditions, one of the many benefits of not shooting things in order as the closing shot of the final scene was a wide aerial!

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