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All members of our crew are extensively trained and qualified for their role. Safety is of paramount importance during all operations. Pre-planning and dyamic risk assessments are carried out for all operations. Ascent Filmworks maintain a continually updated safety case for its operations. More about this can be read HERE.



As part of our approval and Permission for Commercial Operations from the Civil Aviation Authority we are required to train and study a rigorous syllabus in order to meet the high standard required to pass the theory and practical exams. Within our permission we must maintain an up to date operations manual and safety case covering every aspect of our entire commercial UAV operation from a safety perspective. Along with our CAA permit and insurance certificate we can supply our operations manual and safety case electronically to a client and any other third party that may wish to view them prior to any commencement of work.


Ascent Filmworks’ operations manual includes all safety aspects of the procedures we carry out when conducting commercial Uav flight operations, from initial planning to flight completion and debrief. Emergency procedures, risk assessments and pilots flying log book are also included. A copy can be emailed upon request.


Ascent Filmworks’ aircraft systems manuals document all aspects of our individual UAV specifications, characteristics and maintenance logs. 


Our permisssion number : UAS 7010

Expiry : 22 July 2020

 CAA PfCO approval is valid for 365 days and requires annual review and a renewal application in order to be re approved and remain currant. This process requires a re submission to the CAA of our up to date operating safety case manuals for assessment, along with our operating record for compliance and assurance purposes. 
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